Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Reading and Blogging Resolutions

Happy New Year!  It's hard to believe it's 2012, isn't it?  2011 was a great reading year for me, and I have no doubt 2012 will be even better!   Here are my reading and blogging resolutions for 2012:

2012 Reading Resolutions:

(1) Reduce the size of my massive TBR pile.   My book buying obsession has resulted in me having a TBR pile the size of a mountain.   My participation in the Mount TBR Challenge should help to reduce it a little bit, as my goal is to read at least 50 books that were sitting on my TBR as of the end of 2011.

(2) Read at least 75 books.   This isn't a stretch target as I've read at least 80 books in each of the last three years, but I don't want to put any pressure on myself and end up rushing through books I should savour in order to meet a reading goal.  

For the past few years my reading resolutions have included buying fewer books.  Since I never keep this one, hence my large TBR pile, I've decided not to bother including it again this year :-)

2012 Blogging Resolutions:

(1) Post more reviews.   To date, my reviews have focused almost exclusively on books within the historical fiction genre.  During 2012 I'd like to increase the number of reviews I write by expanding my reviews to include more than just historical fiction. 

(2) Become more involved in the blogging community.   I'm going to try my best to comment more often on other blogs, as well as participate in any opportunities that come up for book tours, etc.

(3) Participate more regularly in weekly memes.   In addition to Mailbox Monday, I'm going to try to regularly contribute to Waiting on Wednesday and Suddenly Sunday.   I'm also going to look for an additional meme to participate in, although I haven't decided which one yet. 

Those are my resolutions for the year.   Do you have any?


  1. Good plan, Melissa -- I keep things simple on my blog and spend a majority of my reading time with my own personal selections. I only accept a handful of ARC's each year and I like it that way. My only resolutions are to spotlight good books and authors, learn something new or exciting about history or the world, and keep in touch with other interesting bloggers. Books and talking about books with like-minded people brings me such joy! Great hobby. :)

  2. I like how you just cut out that unattainable goal! I'm the same way, you know it is never going to happen. One blog event that is fun to participate in every year is Bloggiesta hosted by Maw Books Blog. I don't know when the next one is but it gets to you work on some blog related housecleaning you put off all year and is really great fun with the blog community.

  3. @Joanne. One of the things I like most about blogging is reading other people's blogs. I love getting other readers perspectives on novels. I also love being introduced to novels I wouldn't otherwise know about.

    @Heather. LOL -- I'm hoping maybe reverse psychology will work on me this year. By not making buying fewer books a reading resolution for 2012 perhaps I actually will buyer fewer books :-) Thanks for the tip on the Bloggiesta -- I'll have to keep my eye open for that one.

  4. A good plan particularly reading the books one has. A resolution being shared by lot of book bloggers.