Sunday, January 13, 2013

Suddenly Sunday

Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone has found some time to curl up with a good book this weekend. 

It's time for Suddenly Sunday, a weekly meme hosted by Svea at Muse in the Fog that provides bloggers with the opportunity to share their blogging events from the past week.  

I had a relatively productive blogging week, posting two reviews - one for The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen by Syrie James and one for The Passing Bells by Phillip Rock - and joining one additional 2013 reading challenge (Pride & Prejudice Bicentenary Reading Challenge).  

Looking ahead to next week, in addition to my regular meme posts look for my reviews of:
  • Summerset Abbey by T.L. Brown; 
  • Spirit of Lost Angels by Liza Perrat; and
  • A Thing Done by Tinney Sue Heath. 
I may also post my review for Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini, but I admit that I'm struggling to finish the book so that review may be delayed by a week. 

Have a great week!


  1.'re the third person (on blogs) who wasn't thrilled with Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker. I've moved it off my list. Did you know Syrie James liked your review of her book so much that she posted it on her Facebook page? You're famous! :)

    1. Really? That's awesome! I'm one of the only people on the planet not on Facebook so I had no idea. I'm glad she liked it :-)

      As for Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker, if I wasn't provided with a copy for review I would have set the book down. I'll explain why in my review, but needless to say I'm disappointed as I'd really been looking forward to the novel.

  2. LOL - I know what you mean about Facebook. The only reason I am on it is because I have teenagers, so you know what that means........I have to keep a close eye on things, just in case! My son laughs and calls me "a stalker!"