Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Selection - Is the End Your Beginning?

I have a friend who, like me, is a big reader.   She and I can often be found wandering the aisles of our favourite bookstore pondering what books to buy next.   While our reading tastes are generally similar, what we look for in a novel differs when it comes to endings.   While I prefer novels that end happily, this type of resolution doesn't usually impact on my enjoyment of a book.   My friend, on the other hand, won't read something that doesn't have a happy ending.   In fact, she often goes so far as to read the final few pages of a novel before purchasing it to make certain she won't be disappointed by the ending.   Since she's not the only person I know who does this, it got me wondering if this is common practice for readers who insist on happy endings.  So fellow book lovers, I have two questions for you:

(1) Is a happy ending a prerequisite?

(2) Do you ever read the end of a novel first?  If so, why?