Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Talk: Blog Content and Features

It's time for Book Talk, a Confessions of an Avid Reader weekly feature that offers a forum in which to discuss book-related issues and topics.  Rather than introduce a specific book-related topic for discussion this week, I'm going to change things up a little and talk about book blogging instead.  

This blog will be undergoing a facelift in the not so distant future.  To coincide with the launch of my blog's new look I'd like to introduce some new features and content, as well as re-evaluate the continued utility of some of my current features.  Before deciding what new features and content to try out and what old ones to potentially say good-bye to, I thought it would be worthwhile to solicit feedback from fellow book bloggers and blog followers.  As such, I'd like to know what book blog features/content you most enjoy seeing and what makes you return to particular blogs again and again.  As such, I'm interested in your thoughts on the following:

  • Do you prefer blogs with content mostly focused on reviews, or do you prefer blogs with a mix of reviews, memes, and discussion topics?   
  • Do you prefer blogs that review and discuss a variety of genres, or do you prefer to follow blogs that focus on one or two specific genres such as historical fiction?
  • Do you participate in any weekly memes?  If so, which ones?  Do you find your participation in them generates significant interest in your blog?
  • Do you enjoy reading author guest posts and/or interviews? 
  • When it comes to your own blogs, what types of posts are most popular with your followers?  
  • Do you have any tips for generating more interest in your blog?  

Any other random book blogging thoughts are welcome :-)