Monday, October 13, 2014

Blogging Update and Giveaway Winner

Hello fellow book bloggers!

As you may have noticed, it has been two months since I last posted here. While I've generally enjoyed my time as a book blogger, over the course of 2014 I lost my blogging mojo -- not only in terms of writing up my own posts, but also in taking the time to visit other blogs. I blame much of this on the fact that I over committed to reviews during the past year. Even though I only accepted review copies of books I genuinely felt I would enjoy, the number of books I accepted meant that all of my reading time became devoted to finishing these books and writing reviews of them. My own (extremely large) TBR pile was neglected, leaving me wondering if I'd ever get to it again, and blogging (and reading) began to feel less like a hobby and more like a job. As a result, I decided to go on hiatus. This hiatus has been good for me. I've only read books from my own TBR pile, and have been able to choose what I want to read based solely on my reading mood, and not on a requirement to meet a review deadline.

Now that I feel my reading life is getting back to where I want it to be, I've decided it's time to give blogging another shot. My approach will be different this time, however. I'm no longer going to accept any books for review -- no matter how badly I might want to say 'yes'. Instead, any reviews I post from here on out will be for books I purchase myself and want to share with other readers. Although the focus of this blog has primarily been on historical fiction novels, my reading tastes are much broader than this one genre, and my new approach will reflect this -- although there is no need to worry historical fiction fans, I still plan to share my thoughts on titles in this genre too :-)

In addition to recommitting myself to blogging, I also plan to become active once again in the blogging community. I've missed interacting with others. My TBR pile is the size of small mountain in large part due to the great posts, reviews, and lists created by my fellow book bloggers.  

Happy Reading and Blogging!

The Lost Duchess by Jenny Barden - Giveaway Winner

I do have one giveaway winner to announce, one that I should have announced a long time ago!  My apologies for the delay.   I'm pleased to announce that Sarah from A Geek's Bookshelf has been selected (using as the winner for my giveaway of Jenny Barden's The Lost Duchess.  Many thanks to Jenny for offering a giveaway copy.   The winner has been notified by email. 

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