Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reading Bingo: Canadian Edition

Canadian books, anyone? One of my reading resolutions for 2015 is to read more works by Canadian authors. This is a resolution that will also help me to achieve my goal of tackling my extensive TBR pile, a pile that includes a number of Canadian books.  To assist in my efforts I've decided to take part in Random House Canada's 2015 Reading Bingo Challenge, which is dedicated to reading Canadian! 

While this is considered a challenge, I won't be treating it as such. I simply want to use it to help guide some of my reading selections this year. There are some squares I already know I won't achieve -- A book of poetry and Biography/Autobiographer of a Canadian celebrity, for example, since neither are of interest to me -- and I'm totally okay with this.  My goal is simply to read more Canadian books rather than to cross off every square on the Bingo card.

Any other Canadian bloggers out there planning to take part?  I'll use this post to periodically update my progress against the Bingo card, and will also tweet about it using the hashtag #ReadingBingo.

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