Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wish List Wednesday!

Since I don't have any new reviews to post about at the moment, I thought I'd try my hand at starting a weekly discussion topic.   I've decided to go with Wish List Wednesday, which I haven't seen on any other of the other book/reading blogs I frequent (I apologize if it already is a weekly meme hosted elsewhere).   The purpose of this weekly Wednesday post will be to share some of the books added to my wish list over the preceding week.    Here it goes...

The Blessing by Nancy Mitford

Having just completed Nancy Mitford's Love In A Cold Climate, which I thoroughly enjoyed,  I'm now very eager to read more of her work.   As such, I've placed her novel The Blessing on my wish list.

Here is the synopsis from

'We've had nothing to eat since you saw us, nothing whatsoever. Course upon course of nasty greasy stuff smelling of garlic - a month's ration of meat, yes, but quite raw you know - shame, really - I wasn't going to touch it, let alone give it to Sigi, poor little mite.'

'Nanny says the cheese was matured in manure,' Sigi chipped in, eyes like saucers.

It isn't just Nanny who finds it difficult in France when Grace and her young son Sigi are finally able to join her dashing aristocratic husband Charles-Edouard after the war. For Grace is out of her depth among the fashionably dressed and immaculately coiffured French women, and shocked by their relentless gossiping and bedhopping. When she discovers her husband's tendency to lust after every pretty girl he sees, it looks like trouble. And things get even more complicated when little Sigi steps in . . .
The Blessing is a hilarious tale of love, fidelity, and the English abroad, tailored as brilliantly as a New Look Dior suit.

Henry VIII's Love Letters to Anne Boleyn

I will soon be starting to read Susan Kay's novel Legacy, a work of historical fiction centred around England's Queen Elizabeth I.   It has been suggested to me that Henry VIII's Love Letters to Anne Boleyn, which I can download to my Kindle, provides a good companion document to the novel.  As such, I've added it to my wish list.

That's a sample of what was added to my wish list.   What did you add to yours?